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Hassan Murad, a graduate in Mechatronics Engineering wants to create a buoyant project and strives to leave a legacy of service that goes beyond personal interest. His co-founder, Vivek is also a Mechatronics Systems Engineer who is very passionate about creating a sustainable future. At Intuitive, the co-founders are creating technology to empower a zero-waste world. With their intelligent bins placed across heavy waste generating areas such as airports, malls and universities, Intuitive will be the worlds first point of disposal recognition system generating real time customer insights and key brand consumption analytics. Since its inception Intuitive won the NextAI 2017 Outstanding Venture award and have been selected as CIX’s Top 20: Canada’s Most Innovative Technology Companies.

I expected NextAI to be the best incubator in Toronto, but it turned out to be the best in the world. A lot of incubators focus on company development and networking, which NextAI does very aggressively. However, other incubators often forget the most vital element that drives the company to be successful: the founder.

 ‐Hassan Murad
Vivek Vyas

Vivek Vyas

Hassan Murad

Hassan Murad

Intuitive Spotlight

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Since its launch, Sampler has helped Marie combine her love for marketing and technology and she'll say that it's been quite the ride. Recently Sampler was selected as one of three ventures to be backed by L’Oréal and Founders Factory Beauty Tech accelerator, allowing the company to grow beyond the 200 clients within 17 countries that they serve thus far.

As a sole founder, this program gave me an incredible opportunity to connect with founders from across Canada who were dealing with similar challenges.

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Marie Chevrier

Sampler Spotlight

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Bryan is a marketing expert who has helped brands like Airbnb, Microsoft, Audi, and Sony. He is a former Apple employee and MIT graduate. After a friend became popular on Instagram with no way to monetize her following, Bryan and his co-founder realized that there should be an easy way to connect marketers with influencers. In 2013 #paid was founded, a platform that empowers over 15,000 creators and enables the world to experience their creative storytelling. With offices in New York and Toronto, #Paid has successfully raised $9M in Series A to expand the company internationally and to help marketers find influencers with the use of Artificial intelligence.

Next Founders' flexible schedule allowed me to run my business and grow as a founder at the same time.

 ‐Bryan Gold
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Bryan Gold

Paid Spotlight

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Atomwise achieves the world’s best results for new drug hit discovery, binding affinity prediction, and toxicity detection. Within 2018, Atomwise raised $45M in Series A to become the preferred artificial intelligence partner for the global pharmaceutical industry.

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Abraham Heifets

Atomwise Wedge

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Calvin studied Mechatronics Engineering at the University of Waterloo, where he took special interest in the field of Human-Computer Interaction. He has always loved building things, which led him to found Palette, a more precise and intuitive editing solution for photographers and videographers. A few years into starting the venture, Palette won Gold at the User Experience Design Awards (UXDA) while at IFA, Berlin from the International Design Center Berlin. His Lego like controls not only make editing faster, but are also integrated into adobe products, making the process as easy as possible. When Calvin is not working on Palette, you can find him snowboarding, hiking and travelling.

Palette Wedge

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In 2013 Joshua Liu, Philip Chen and Willie Kwok came together in the Next 36 program and founded Seamless MD. Available on desktops, smartphones and tablets, the venture is a cloud-based, patient engagement solution that improves surgical outcomes, lowers costs and enhances the patient experience.

Next 36 has really accelerated what I've wanted to do with my career, and I can't imagine being able to do that with any other opportunity.

 ‐Philip Chen
Joshualiu 1

Joshua Liu


Philip Chen


Willie Kwok

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NEXT Spotlight

Philip has helped start two non-profit organizations called Social Spark and Take Action to educate, mobilize and empower youth in the social innovation space. Today, both organizations are in multiple universities across Canada and impacting hundreds of students each year.

Next 36 is a transformational experience that increased my trajectory in business and in life.

 ‐Philip Chen
Chantelle Buffie Website

Chantelle Buffie

Jonathan Yam

Jonathan Yam

Armin Mahmoudi Website 1

Armin Mahmoudi

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NEXT Spotlight

Since Bridgit’s inception, Mallorie applied her Ivey business knowledge and ten years of entrepreneurial experience, while Lauren applied her engineering and construction knowledge, to solve the problem of construction site communication inefficiencies. Today, they have raised over 3.3 Million CAD in seed funding and secured over 10,000 users across North America.

The Next 36 was this perfect bridge between Engineering and this different world I was quite interested in but wasn’t sure how to approach. It was the perfect segue for me.

 ‐Lauren Lake

Lauren Lake


Mallorie Brodie

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To celebrate Canada 150, NEXT Canada asked over 75 alumni and supporters to create a bold vision of what the future could look like. Then, we surveyed regular Canadians to find out what they thought of the predictions. 

From energy, robotics, and transportation, to health, education, and entertainment, their answers give a glimpse at what the next 150 years have in store for us. 

Read the predictions

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Meet The Network

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Ben Zifkin

Founder and CEO, Hubba

Rebecca MacDonald

Founder and Executive Chair, Just Energy Group

Satish Kanwar

Director of Operations, Shopify Toronto

Janet Bannister

General Partner, Real Ventures

Kirk Simpson

Co-Founder and CEO, Wave

Nicole LeBlanc

Associate Director, BDC Capital

LP Maurice

CEO and Co-Founder, Busbud

Christian Catalini

Assistant Professor of Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Strategic Management, Sloan School of Management

Peter Carrescia

Chair, NEXT Canada Investment Committee; SVP Strategy and Corporate Development, Wave

Andrea Matheson

Former Interim CEO, NEXT Canada

Our Supporters

Next Canada is made possible through the support of incredible partners, donors and over 300 individual business leaders.

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Our Mentors

Our entrepreneurs and ventures receive dedicated mentorship from some of Canada’s most successful entrepreneurs and investors.

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Our Advisors

Dozens of business professionals are available to provide domain expertise on any challenge your venture might be facing.

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